Get Your Sit On: The Meditation Stool of Stools! Bluecony’s Ikuko

ergonomic-meditation-bench-yoga-chair-ikuko-2-250x375I just came upon this wonder of ergonomic meditation design at a recent yoga retreat… there I was meticulously arranging mat, blanket, bolster and my block in a flawlessly manicured stack upon which to rest my behind, pelvis perfectly angled, knees bent beneath me when, from across the room a retreat-mate, watching my ministrations with self-satisfied bemusement, whispers, “Ohmigod, you have to try this….”.

With only slight hesitation- once I’m situated, I’m hard-pressed to move, I stood from my intricately arranged props, and in one swift placement of my buttocks upon the smooth, flawlessly arched wooden seat… I was sold.  1 stop shop:  no bolster.  No blanket.  No block.

It’s like it was made for my ass!

As soon as I had internet, it was ordered.

My ticket to meditation heaven just arrived waiting for me to pick up at my local small town post office.  I’m counting the minutes….

A full review to come after I’ve had a chance to warm my new seat!

3 Thoughts on “Get Your Sit On: The Meditation Stool of Stools! Bluecony’s Ikuko

  1. These particular stools are in fact wonderful. I have not been able to find one available in my area for sale, but I am still looking! Namaste, and enjoy!

  2. Many thanks to have shared this review, I just got one and it is so incredible! I could have it online but I drove to the store in Montreal only for that. And no regrets!. They are lovely people and they know what they do, now I know why ergonomic furniture are so important!

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