Nasty, Nasty Phthalates!

Is your yoga mat made using PVC?

The manufacture, use, disposal, and recycling of PVC releases some of the most toxic chemicals we know of. Mercury, lead, dioxins and phthalates are all used or released in the manufacturing of PVC. In fact, PVC manufacturing is the single largest use of industrial chlorine. These compounds cause cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive system harm, immune system damage, and other serious health problems.

What is most scary about PVC is that, while these chemicals are especially potent for children, its often used in children’s toys, bottles, mattress covers, and other common household products that off-gas through their life cycle.

Ack!  Scary stuff!


Fortunately, the chemical is recently banned from toys and as of last week, children’s products containing the toxin are being forced off store shelves.

It’s wonderful to see progress as well as a growing list of alternatives, such as LotusPad, a tiny company that believes “a yoga mat should be as special and as beautiful as the practice itself“.  They offer yoga mats their growing  legions of fans have called “yummy”, “luscious”, “stylish” and the “best yoga mat” they’ve tried.  LotusPad’s mats are also biodegradable!  Most importantly though, they are free of the PVC, phthalates, heavy metals, and other toxins found in many plastic yoga mats.Little LotusPad

These mats are also soft with superior grip, reversible and available in a selection of bright, saturated colours and cool, organic designs!

Encouraging the kids?  There’s nothing like their very own mat to get them excited about yoga!  Be sure to check out the adorable Little LotusPad for the tykes and know you’re providing the utmost in safety for your children’s play, exercise and rest.  LotusPad also carries a wide selection of YogaKids DVDs and other books and games to get you and your child moving in a fun, healthy way!