Excavating Etsy: Muladhara Pant from Grateful Threads

In my hunt for something a little more versatile in a yoga pant, my first stop was, of course, the wild, woolly and whimsical world of Etsy.

My only criteria as I began perusing the many beautiful options was that I did not- DID. NOT.- want the typical, black, tight-fitting, lycra tight sort that tends to prevail in the seemingly endless world of yoga drawers.

I am looking for something that I can yoga in.  I’m also looking for something to sleep lounge in. Run errands in. Maybe even dress up and go “out” in.

I found several options, that will inevitably find their way here in future posts, I’m sure.  But what struck my eye today, came from the lovely shop of Grateful Threads.

In case you’re wondering, Muladhara or root (foundation) chakra, and is located at the base of the spine, your tail bone and refers to instinct, security, survival and also to basic human potentiality.

These pants are beautiful.  I can see them as truly multi-purpose, satisfying my entire wish list, which probably, subconsciously, also included instinct, security, survival and potentiality!  I could see easily wearing these on my soccer mom circuit but also, with the right tank and in the right colour- I smell plum or eggplant!- out to the local hot-spot for dinner.  I can also see this on my next trip- perfect for hours on the plane and chowing at Chili’s Too hanging at airports!

The Muladhara Pant is made from a 100% organic cotton/hemp combo that will soften with each wash.  They are hand-dyed people, by the hands of Leanna, herself at Grateful Threads.  And in a multitude of gorgeous, saturated colours ranging from conservative black to colours like “brazil nut” to “oxblood red”.

I wubs that I found these pants… and just in time for Mother’s Day!

Thank you Grateful Threads!

Corporate Yogic Giving…

… that, no doubt, will totally lead to our spending more money on their stuff!  But everybody will feel better about it.

You have to hand it to yoga apparel juggernaut, Lululemon.  Even during tough economic times, they’ve totally found the golden ticket into our wallets-  hmmm… feed the kids? New yoga pants? That’ll be a new pair of Lululemon Groove Pant Organic, if you please.

Seems that despite the tightening in our wallets, we’ve still found that little extra to drop on the clothes we feel assist in tightening our behinds…. or is it in expanding our consciousness?

Whatever drives people into the stores, and now it’s online presence, Lululemon has found what so many other businesses wish they could, a way to double it’s stock over the course of less than a year… in what continues to be economic strife for many!

But, I digress… and while Lululemon certainly doesn’t need the endorsement of a backwoods mommy blogger… I just wanted to mention, that as they continue to grow, making money hand over fist, they do know the value of building community and promoting health.

In that spirit, once a week, Lululemon shops across the continent, push aside their racks of clothing and other products to provide a make-shift studio, and with instructors provided by local studios, offer free yoga, or “the gift of yoga” to the masses.

While the gesture may be extended from an ever-growing corporate entity, it’s a wonderful one, in keeping with the underlying philosophies that are the foundation of yoga.

In particular, it offers those people who can’t afford a yoga class an opportunity to benefit from great instruction at no cost… or those folks who prefer their yoga for free so they can spend their money on yoga wear!

Regardless the motivation on either part, it’s good for yoga and if you’d like to find a class at your nearest Lululemon, visit www.lululemon.com or click HERE for more information.

Yoga Jeans… Orgasm in Denim!

Now, I saw the video first.  And after carefully considering, “Jeans? Husband? Jeans? Husband?”  -husband did come out the winner… but only because he’s making me pancakes… and by a mere hair (I loves me pancakes!)- I came to the breathless conclusion,

Holy Moly!  I must get me a pair of these freakin’ jeans!

Because, by golly, if the short promo is any indication of what I can expect from my pair of Yoga Jeans, from Second Denim Co., husbands everywhere need to be put on notice.

The claim, other than one fitting can induce spotaneous orgasm- imagine wearing them every day?!- is that they fit like a second skin.  And, despite the size nothing body modeling all the styles, they also claim to appeal to women of all shapes, sizes, and ages from 16 to 75 who want to be comfortable but feel sexy, too.

In reference to his plus-size line of skinny Yoga Jeans, owner and designer of Second Denim Co., Eric Wazana states,

Women are sick of feeling like they have to be perfect to be beautiful…  I’ve always thought the plus market has been overlooked by many designers.

Good news for the Montreal-based Second Denim Co. is that they are making their way steadily into retailers across Canada, but the better news is that they are also available online. The styles range from low slung to hi-rise and straight-leg to boot-cut with various washes and colours.  The only thing… it appears the plus-size isn’t yet available to online shoppers at the Second… but you can visit Addition Elle and search ‘skinny jeans’ to find a selection of Second’s plus-size Yoga Jeans.

For those of you surfing rather than working… you might want to take down the volume before viewing…

Lululemon… A Little Tongue-in-Cheekiness!

I guess when you feel you’ve beat the odds, shown the world and pretty much flipped the bird at all of our big retailers-flaunting increased sales and resisting the urge to jump on the markdown wagon- you can have a little fun… after all, it is the homeland- home city, in fact- hosting the 2010 Winter Games.

Lululemon Athletica employee Laurel Richardson models a hockey helmet toque that comes complete with a marker to black out front teeth, and a Canada hoodie complete with a gold-coloured zipper from the company's new product line in Vancouver, B.C., on Monday December 14, 2009. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

Lululemon Athletica employee Laurel Richardson models a hockey helmet toque that comes complete with a marker to black out front teeth, and a Canada hoodie complete with a gold-coloured zipper from the company's new product line in Vancouver, B.C., on Monday December 14, 2009. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

Not to be outdone by the official Canadian fashion supplier of these Olympic Games, the historic, and all but irrelevant, Hudson Bay Company, yoga fashion juggernaut Lululemon is offering up it’s own tongue-in-cheek version… but not really… and not officially, of course…  of Vancouver 2010 Olympic wear.

Despite possible opposition from the powers that be, and the fact that they launched the line-hooded sweatshirts, toques and tees- only a mere two months before the games, Lululemon

insists this clothing line is about patriotism, not ambush marketing ahead of the Olympics.

But the Lulus are no dummies.  With more than a few crazy marketing stunts under it’s belt the Vancouver-based company comes well versed in the rules and regulations pertaining to Olympic marketing.  They have dotted their i’s and crossed their t’s ensuring only a whiff of Olympic Games, rather than outright Games stench, with  their “Cool Sporting Event” tagline.

Olympic fashion is huge during the Games, with Roots scoring bigtime in Games past… remember the tams- erk!  Everyone will have something to contribute to the lucrative Olympics marketplace but will make every effort not to step on the official toes, including Roots itself.  With a new line of outerwear launched this fall, coined the Canada Collection, it is geared to capitalize on the country not the games.

Of course.

So, here’s to Olympic Games fashion fever.  As the yoga lemming I am, always on the lookout for the next yogic trend… and given these Games are but a relative stones throw… chances are pretty good I’ll opt for cache over history… sorry HBC.  While Hudson’s Bay blankets- and could there be anything more Canadian than an elk head sweater ?!-have there place, there’s really nothing like a set of blacked out teeth to get asses in stores.  Maybe next time, ye olde Hudson’s Bay.

gaiaconceptions at Etsy: Skorts & Much More! Oooooohhhh! Not Want… NEED!!

If I had this… this handy, mcdandy Skort from gaiaconceptions over at Etsy, well, I too would prance around in my Wellingtons.

Gaiaconceptions offers a whole line of remarkably cute and functional items, all utilizing organic fabrics such as hemp and cotton.

As I peruse her shop, I’m really left conflicted as to which of her lovely items I plan to put on the old Christmas list!

But more likely, with the soft fabric and comfy, snug fitting boy short beneath, I’ll enjoy it for my summer practice out on my NEW DECK!

In this skort I will be sporty, in its function… stylish, in its short, skort-y sexiness and the colours, hand-dyed, a wonderful selection of  bold and bright..  and comfortable, in it’s fabric, soft organic cotton and hemp.

Just all ’round cute and functional- from yoga practice to a bike ride to lunch out with the gals.

I will so be sending the link to this, the Pokara Shirt of organic hemp and cotton, to hubby… I can see this for beginning practice, skating at the lake… or just sitting with a big bowl of popcorn with a movie in front of the fireplace.

I love, love, love the versatility of the cowl neck, especially living here in the frozen North as we do.  It’s lined with FLEECE, people!

I’m also a total sucker for extra-long sleeves with thumb holes!!

The hand-dyed fabrics, as with the skort above, come in a beautiful selection of bold and vibrant colours, making this a fall-winter must have for just about anyone!  A fantastic gift for that lover of the comfy-cozy… ahem.

Before I end this post… keeping myself from posting gaiaconceptions entire line… I had to include this unique and lovely skirt. I love this:

The Ruffle Butt Long Skirt. In a blend of organic cotton and hemp, it’s perfect for casual wear or to dress up for a night out.  The wonderful hand-dyed fabric colours are available as with the other items from gaiaconceptions.

The unique ruffle in the back is a wonderful “nod to the bustle Gaia Conceptions style“.  With a stretchy waist band it looks to be a comfortable and flattering choice for any woman’s body.

I’ll keep this in mind for next spring, as its “a fun skirt for all seasons.”

The Ruffle Butt Long Skirt is paired with the Drawstring Tank.

I will no doubt be featuring more of  gaiaconceptions amazing clothing here at MommyOm.

Peruse her shop and without a doubt you’ll be sure to find something…  it’s all just so beautiful!